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NittanyCow Technical Information

What's new with NittanyCow:

  • Volatile Fatty Acid (VFA) Predictor for monitoring rumen health and productivity
  • Mycotoxin Analysis for managing and minimizing problems from contaminated feeds
  • Environmental Impact Analysis for analyzing and reporting the environmental impact
  • Starch Digestibility Predictor for improved energy prediction
  • Revised Processing Factor Predictions to analyze the impact of feed particle size
  • Improved Auto-Balancer for fast, effective balancing of any number of constraints and requirements
  • Formulation Mode allows you to analyze feeds and nutrient concentrations
  • Customizable Fields for accurate tracking of any additional nutrients you may need
  • Network Enabled allows you to install NittanyCow on a central network server for shared processing

Technical Specifications
For more detailed information on specific components of the NittanyCow Dairy Ration Evaluator, see the technical articles below:

Network Implementation
Covers the technical aspects of installing the NittanyCow Dairy Ration Evaluator in a network environment.

How do I submit my commercial feeds?
If you are a commercial feed company and wish to submit your feeds for incorporation in the NittanyCow program, you can do so by completing our online submission form at