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Purchasing a NittanyCow User License

If you have not already downloaded your free trial, please do so now from the Free Trial page.
When your free 30-day trial is nearing expiration, NittanyCow will prompt you to purchase a user license.
NittanyCow will also prompt you to renew your license each year, after the initial two year activation.
User licenses can be purchased and renewed online.

Purchasing a NittanyCow license:

  • An initial purchase will license you to use NittanyCow for two years.
  • Licenses are renewed annually following the initial two year activation.
  • A user license also entitles you to free upgrades and customer support.
  • Please read the terms and conditions before purchasing.
  • Ready to Get Started? You can place your order online today and begin preparing more balanced rations.
NittanyCow Pricing
Initial Activation$450 USD
Annual Renewal$150 USD
Upgrades & Support FREE
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How the licensing process works:

  • You don't need to install any new files or remember any long, complicated license keys.
  • Once your license has been purchased or renewed, you will receive an email containing your NittanyCow account information in the form of a user name and password. IMPORTANT: Please save this information.
  • NittanyCow will automatically prompt you to update your license key within 10 days of expiration and enable you to download your new license key through our Internet licensing service.
  • When prompted to do so, simply enter your account information (if not already provided); click the Update License button on the licensing screen to download the new license; then click Save - that's it.
  • If you want to update your license before being prompted, you can do so at any time by selecting the License option from the Setup menu in NittanyCow.
  • If you do not have Internet access, please contact Nittany Support Services to arrange an alternate form of license delivery.