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09/22/2010 - Bilingual Holstein Unites Herd
Froghorn, TX – Amid mounting tensions over increased immigration of foreign cattle to American herds, one Texas Holstein has rekindled the spirit of unity amongst dairy cows of different backgrounds. #2178, known to friends and associates as Las Quesos (The Cheese) – L.C. for short – has used her ability to speak both English and Spanish to unite a previously divided herd in their effort to secure more pasture concessions from farm operators.

“Whether you are American or Mexican, Holstein or Guernsey, tie stall or free stall, all cows want the same rights for themselves and their calves,” L.C. said in an interview Friday. “If we’re going to be successful, dairy cows everywhere must move beyond their petty differences over language and breed.”

L.C. has formed a new coalition of Mexican-American cows in response to a dispute with local ranchers over frequency and duration of pasture access. The Cheesed Coalition has so far gained significant concessions by ranchers for increased pasture rotation, and it is hoped that the new spirit of bi-breed cooperation will mean more gains in the future.

“Our message is simple,” L.C. said Friday, “it doesn’t matter if you’re black and white.”