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Did you know?
Welcome to NittanyCow Dairy Ration Evaluator™
the dairy industry’s premier dairy ration balancing software!

Developed by Dr. Robert Patton, one of the industry's leading dairy nutritionists, NittanyCow offers a comprehensive look at dairy ration balance.

In addition to fast and accurate tracking of common ration components, NittanyCow also offers the unique ability to monitor the impact of mycotoxins on dairy rations, and the ability to create custom fields to track any nutrient important to your business. The ration analysis feature provides a quick diagnostic tool to highlight ration deficiencies while enabling you to monitor important factors like the environmental impact, rumen pH, nitrogen efficiency, and productivity of your dairy rations. NittanyCow offers a simple, accurate, and comprehensive tool to maximize the profitability of your dairy rations at a price everyone can afford.

At NittanyCow, we are dedicated to providing fast and free customer support to make the transition to the industry’s premier dairy ration evaluator as easy as possible. The NittanyCow Help File contains detailed, step-by-step instructions for all our features, and the convenient online video tutorials make learning NittanyCow a breeze. You can even upload rations from the AminoCow or CPM-Dairy ration evaluators, so you don’t even need to recreate your library of rations when making the switch! You can contact the NittanyCow Help Desk to ask questions or schedule your free online demonstration.

For a quick look at the NittanyCow program and how it works, check out the online video tutorials.

Ready to get started?... You can begin today by downloading a free 30 day trial of NittanyCow, or visit our Technical Information page for more information on the benefits of the NittanyCow Dairy Ration Evaluator.