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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does NittanyCow accept web advertising from interested parties?
No, to maintain the integrity and un-biased nature of NittanyCow, we will not accept solicitations for web advertising (see the policies page for more information).

Does NittanyCow promote specific feeds, feed additive, or other products?
No. NittanyCow does include a Commercial Feeds List, which allows users to access feed data from a wide range of commercially available feeds for use in ration formulation. The inclusion of commercial products in NittanyCow is voluntary on the part of suppliers, and NittanyCow does not pay nor receive payment for the privilege to include these products in its software, nor does it promote any such products. The goal of NittanyCow is to provide the most accurate and comprehensive dairy ration evaluator available, without bias to any specific feed products.

How do I obtain a site license for NittanyCow?
NittanyCow can be tailored to suit the needs of commercial users. It will be necessary to determine the needs and expectations of your company and the number of anticipated users. We can then negotiate a fair price for all parties, sign a contract, and issue the appropriate site license. To start this process, contact Jake at (All correspondence and conversations about site licensing will be confidential).

How will I know when it’s time to renew my license?
When your license is about to expire, NittanyCow will alert you that it is time to renew your license. Renewal is fast and easy – simply go to the Purchase page of this web site follow the instructions to purchase a license renewal.

I have clients who don’t have internet access. What do I tell them?
Although online purchase is the most convenient way to buy NittanyCow, we do provide the option to purchase NittanyCow by check through mail-order. Once payment is received, customers will receive an installation CD that will provide them with the same great software that is provided to online purchasers. Interested parties can contact us by phone at 800-660-4611.

Is NittanyCow associated with any other ration evaluator or sponsors?
No. Although Dr. Patton was involved with the development of AminoCow, NittanyCow is a completely original and independent software program that has no association with AminoCow, Mepron RP Methionine, or any of its sponsors. And while NittanyCow does offer interfaces to import rations and feed data from other ration balancing software, NittanyCow is not associated with any other ration evaluator software or sponsor.

What do I get with a NittanyCow License?
Your initial activation of NittanyCow Dairy Ration Evaluator will provide you with a license to use the NittanyCow software for two years from the date of activation. After the initial license expires, you will have the option to renew your license annually thereafter. Your license will also provide you unlimited free access to software updates, as well as, our dedicated customer support.

What is the difference between an individual license and a site license?
An individual license permits the user to install and use NittanyCow on a single computer. A site license is sold to commercial users – feed mills, feed additive companies, etc. – for use by employees to support their products. A site license enables the company to run NittanyCow on multiple computers at a single location (site).

How do I submit my commercial feeds?
If you are a commercial feed company and wish to submit your feeds for incorporation in the NittanyCow program, you can do so by completing our online submission form at