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Nice to Meet You
Meet the team behind NittanyCow

NittanyCow Dairy Ration Evaluator is solely owned and developed by Nittany Dairy Nutrition, under the guidance of Dr. Robert A. Patton. Dr. Patton, a former dairy farmer in Pennsylvania’s Nittany Valley, has been a dairy industry professional for over 25 years in various roles as an extension agent, researcher, technical salesmen, nutritional consultant, and – of course – software developer. Drawing on his vast experience in both scientific research and the dairy business, Dr. Patton created NittanyCow to be the dairy industry’s premier dairy ration evaluator, incorporating new exclusive features and revised models of previous software generations to create the most complete, accurate, and reliable evaluator on the market. For more information on Dr. Patton, please check out his background (pdf) and reference list (pdf) or visit the web site at

NittanyCow is marketed and supported by NittanyCow Software Services, a partnership between Dr. Patton’s wife, Judith Patton, and his son, Jake Patton. Jake is the primary manager of marketing and customer support services, and Judith is the administrative and compliance manager. NittanyCow Software Services owns the exclusive marketing rights to the NittanyCow program, and is wholely dedicated to delivering Dr. Patton’s NittanyCow software to industry professionals around the world while providing fast, reliable customer support.

NittanyCow Dairy Ration Evaluator™ is a registered trademark of NittanyCow Software Services. It is not affiliated with AminoCow Mepron Ration Evaluator®, Mepron® RP Methionine, or any of its sponsors.